Sunday, 9 June 2019

Umbraco Codegarden - Moving to dotnet core

A little over 2 weeks ago I ran an open circle which was aimed at getting Umbraco transitioned to dotnet core. The discussion group centred around what the community can do to help speed up the transition.

Umbraco's Current Structure

As it stands, the current Umbraco solution structure looks like this:

Umbraco's Future Structure

Moving forward, the proposed solution structure will look something like this:

Note: The new solution structure will be maintained in a separate branch. The rationale is that the changes required to get there will create many frequent breaking changes.

Community Tasks

The stages to reach the proposed structure will require significant refactoring. There are various tasks which are simply too complex (with too many interdependencies) for non-HQ people to accomplish. However, we managed to pull out specific tasks which are isolated enough for the community to have a go with.

I have created issues on the Umbraco issue tracker for these items:

Requiring Discussion

A more complicated issue arose from the discussion around how Umbraco does imaging. Namely, how do we abstract that functionality? 

Shannon suggested to create an RFC so it can be discussed:


Final Thoughts

Dotnet core 3.0 is coming out at the end of the year (November?). Umbraco realistically needs to wait until at least this time before it can investigate MVC related refactoring. In the mean time, there is a huge amount of refactoring to do. The items in this article are available to the community, and are just the first wave of refactoring which is required.

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