Sunday, September 30, 2012

.hgignore for Visual Studio and Umbraco

If you're working with mercurial then you're probably familiar with the task of setting ignore rules for files you don't need to commit.

Here are a few simple .hgignore rules which will take care of most situations. Just copy and paste into your .hgignore file.

syntax: glob


Anonymous said...


I've been building a network of .net developers who are based in London. I see from your Linkedin profile that you don't want contact from recruiters - knowing some of the people I've worked with in the past I don't blame you. I'd love to know what went wrong that you've decided against working with recruiters - don't hold back!

Any info would be a great help to improve my own service.


Anthony said...

Dear Stephen McBride

The fact that recruiters routinely harass/spam developers (like you are doing right now on a personal blog post about .hgignore files) is what is wrong with recruiters.

The purpose of you contacting me out of the blue like this is for the eventual goal of convincing me into a role so that you can get your commission. Maybe not a role you have now, but to get me on your books so that you can push a role on me later.

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