Sunday, August 12, 2012


After many many months of procrastination, I've finally released uBlogsy

- Added comment date property to comment
- Fixed tagging UI bug
- Put try/catch around cache updating in event handler
- Added commenter email to all email templates.
- Moved rss template out of uBlogsy base template to fix spacing issue during installation
- Fixed rss import bug

Upgrade instructions
- Replace Dll's
- Replace rss import dashboard ascx file
- Add a date time property to Comment document type with alias uBlogsyCommentDate
- Publish all comments to allow auto-copy of creation date to new comment create date property


Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm trying to use your blogging package but am receiving the error: "Error loading MacroEngine script (file: /uBlogsy/uBlogsyShowRSSLink.cshtml) " when going to the Landing page. I see from the code in file: uBlogsyShowRSSLink.cshtml that it's blowing up because there are no nodes of type "uBlogsyRSS" and the Single() method is not liking that. Have I missed a configuration step?

Thanks for your help!

Denis Gordo said...
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Anthony said...

Make sure an rss node exists and is published.

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