Thursday, May 5, 2011

uHidesy - A way to show and hide properties and tabs in content nodes

Yesterday I released an awesome new Umbraco package called uHidesy.

uHidesy is a datatype, which when added, allows you to show and hide tabs and properties in content nodes.


Scenario 1:
You make document types for a purpose. Then that purpose changes and you must add more properties and tabs. The annoying thing is that it messes up the elegant interface you created for your cms editor. Now you have properties and tabs in some content nodes which are never used. Dont you wish you could hide them?

Scenario 2:
You are told "the client doesnt need that functionality". You KNOW that they will ask for it eventually because IT JUST MAKES SENSE. So you add the properties and tabs to the document type anyway because it will save you a world of pain having to do it later. But dont you wish you could hide those properties and tabs?

Is there a way to show and hide properties and tabs in a content node? There is now!

Simply add the uHidesy data type to the Properties tab of the document types you wish to have control over. In the content node Properties tab, uHidesy lists the tabs and properties you can click on to toggle. Click save (or publish) and you're done!

Download it here:


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