Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ninite Review

Ninite is the most useful piece of software I've used in a while.

It downloads and installs all the software while you go out and play. No longer must I sit there clicking, waiting, and restarting - a process that in the past took 2 hours, not to mention configuration eeek!

I've tried 
Ninite on a Windows XP and 7 machine.

The procedure could not be more simple:

Go to the website
Select the checkboxes of the software you want to install. Don't bother with trial software, you'll just have to uninstall it later.
Click "Get Installer".
Run the installer and go for lunch.

General Comments

It would be better with some intelligent download threading (which they will probably implement soon anyway). Essentially, I'd like to see at least 2 intelligent download threads. E.g. Start downloading the largest file at the beginning so it will finish by the time the other packages are downloaded and installed. Also, I'm not likely to be using my computer while all this software is being installed.


This software is amazing! If you've formatted your computer and you want your software be installed auto-magically then this is the software for you.


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